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Honoring a man that taught me about life through his experiences.

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Etheks is a phonetic spelling derived from the english word “Ethics”; the moral principles and values that governs our lives.  This brand was created as an honor to my grandfather, Ivory Lee Smith. 

We do not settle.  We do not become complacent.  We do not take the easy way out.  We do not fall into the temptation of mediocracy.  We are validated by God, understanding we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  And through his power, there is nothing we can not achieve.  We believe in hard work.  We stand for perseverance in the face of adversity. We strive to motivate, provoke and inspire you to reach your goals.  We uphold a standard of excellence and quality in everything that we do.

Etheks endeavors to resonate with our audience through encouragement, wisdom and the testimony of our journey.

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The Story of Ivory Lee

Born in Columbus, Mississippi, in 1932, raised to understand that helping on the family farm was the top priority, going to school was considered secondary, and while completing his family obligations hindered his formal education, he excelled in the school of life.  As you can imagine, growing up with only a third grade education presented many challenges and struggles; however, he never let his limitations define him.  While growing up with him I learned that any word over three characters was spelled phonetically so the brand name “Etheks” is spelled as I believe he would spell it. He was a man of faith, character, integrity, principles and honor.  A man of great ethics, which is the foundational core of this brand. 

Growing up with the challenges of being black and uneducated in the Jim Crow south motivated him to achieve better for himself and his family.  He left Mississippi in 1952 and found his way to Cleveland Ohio in what would later be known as “the great northward migration”.   Along with many African Americans that transitioned from southern states during that time, he became a skilled laborer and help shape the midwest industrial boom.  He worked in the factories of Cleveland Ohio until he reached full retirement age.  I would see him return home after a 12 hour shift, with dirty clothes, a sweaty brow, and callused hands.  He would look at me with tired eyes and say, “I want you to be better than what you see”.  He demonstrated the power of knowledge, integrity, character and education through childhood stories, anecdotes and sayings.  Although I didn’t understand every quote or funny phrase in my youth, they prove to be invaluable life lessons as I progressed into adulthood.  Even though he could not read or write, he was one of the wisest men I have ever known.

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